Easy Press Starter Kit Combo Pack by Acorn Precision Piecing - AP10081

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Perfect your piecing and refresh your fabric with Acorn Precision Piecing's NEW dynamic duo of Easy Press Fabric Treatment and Mist Bottle. Developed by Shelley and Bernie Tobisch, Acorn Precision Piecing's Easy Press Fabric Treatment has SO many benefits! Makes fabric easier to cut Eliminates fraying Pre-shrinks fabric Adds stain resistance Strengthens and stabilizes fibers Can be used in machine embroidery to reduce the weight of stabilizer needed Will not attract insects The ergonomic continuous spray Easy Press Mist Bottle produces and endless spray for as long as you depress the handle, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily. 360 degree spraying makes it easy to reach all areas (you can even spray with the bottle held upside down), and the fine mist spray pattern distributes liquids evenly. The ergonomic design means less hand fatigue compared to standard sprayers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pH27GOsVBAY&feature=emb_logo Kit contains: 16 oz Easy Press Solution Easy Press Mist Bottle

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