Bloomington by Lella Boutique for Moda - Charcoal - 5110-13

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Company: Moda

Collection: Bloomington

Designer: Lella Boutique

Colour: Charcoal 5110-13

100% Cotton. 44/45" WOF

It's springtime in the countryside; the meadows are dotted with flowers, the birds are serenading, and there is a distinct fragrance of earth and rain mixed together. Everything is lush and green--the gardens dressed in their cheeriest blooms of pink and white. You might see an old garden shed topped with tin, shabby walls worn with old wood peeking through faded layers of paint. There is a romantic charm to such a scene, and I often find myself wishing for a way to bottle up the beauty to enjoy through winter. This collection represents that gatheringof spring elements, a dedication to all flower lovers.

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