Felted Alpaca Wool Insoles by Gn'R Alpaca Farm - (2pc) Medium-Womens

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Company: Gn'R Alpaca Farm - Lisle, Ontario

Website: http://gnralpacafarm.ca

Size: CUT TO FIT - Every foot and shoe is different and fits uniquely. These insoles are easily customizable to fit your unique needs, there is a template included. Perfect for all shoe and foot types. Can be inserted over most shoe orthotics and molds to the shape of your foot. These insoles don't take up any additional volume in boots than the factory insoles.

Description: Keep your tootsies warm this winter with Alpaca insoles. Once you try these, you will wonder how you lived without them! 4 SEASON COMFORT - You will love the extra layer of cushion and insulation alpaca insoles provide. Thick enough to provide maximum warmth and not too thick to make shoes tight fitting or cutting them a challenge. These work to dissipate heat in hot environments too. Alpaca Insoles are moisture-wicking thermal insulators designed to keep feet cozy for improved comfort and enjoyment of the things you love (or have) to do. HAPPY FEET - Look forward to comfortable & sweet smelling feet every time you wear your boots or shoes with alpaca fiber pad inserts. Moisture wicking and breathable, never itchy or scratchy; alpaca has the lowest moisture retention of any natural fibers, wicking the chilling damp away from feet while your bodies' temperature causes it to vaporize.

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