It has been a long time since we have been able to have classes at the store and we are super excited! Our classroom still has a bit of work to be done but we have decided to push ahead and get things moving!

Our class schedule is still a work in progress but classes start Friday, May 6, 2022. We have a lot more classes planned and will get that information out to you as soon as we can.

To sign up, reserve a seat online, or call the store to sign up -705-458-4546.


A word on skill levels - don’t underestimate your skill level. So many people insist they are just beginners when they are more than ready to tackle bigger and better things! Our teachers are fantastic. They are both knowledgeable and patient. Don’t be afraid to give something out of your comfort zone a try. If you are not sure if you can tackle something, just give us a call and we can help you decide. Also remember, we have several sit and sew type classes that are for all levels and those teachers can help you along and get you ready to take that class you want to take in the worst way!

  • Novice – you have familiarity with your sewing machine such as threading and basic operation, but you have little or no sewing or quilting experience. A little enthusiasm goes a long way!
  • Beginner – you have some quilting experience; you understand basic quilting terms and techniques such as ¼” seam allowance and you know how to use a rotary cutter. Intermediate – you have experience with basic quilting projects and are ready for more advanced techniques.
  • Advanced – you have a great deal of quilting experience and are quite skilled and comfortable with various techniques.
  • All Levels – everybody aside from Novice (sorry newbies!)

Class Rules

Sorry, we must have rules or it will be like a lawless jungle!


    Class fees MUST be paid when you register. There are several ways to register – in person or over the phone. Soon, we will have online registration available.


    We understand that you may not be able to attend a class for many reasons, all of them worthy but to ensure that classes do not have to be cancelled at the last minute, no refunds, transfers or credits will be given unless we cancel the class. If the number of attendees is too low, we will cancel the class 3 days prior. We do offer several sit and sew classes that might be a good alternative if your class does get cancelled. We have a plethora of talented teachers that can help you get through most any project you want to tackle. If a particular class is full, we can place your name on a waiting list and you can keep your fingers crossed!


    Each class has a supplies list. You can view/print the list from the website, or pick up a copy of the list at the store. Please check your class supply list well before your class date and make sure you have all the supplies and that you need, and that you have completed any homework or preparation. You and your fellow quilters will get the most out of your class, in the allotted time, if you are prepared. It also makes the teacher’s day go a little smoother! We try to stock all supplies listed on the supply list. We will suggest where you can purchase something if we do not carry it. Our teachers will list supplies that are necessary for the class and they will also offer some suggestions that will make your life easier – they know their stuff! We offer a 10% discount on class supplies and we appreciate your support! If we do need to cancel a class, we will be happy to refund the class fees and any rulers, books, patterns etc. that you have purchased for the class, provided they are in the original packaging and condition when returned. Unfortunately, we do not refund cut fabric. Please label or mark all your supplies with your name. Rulers, mats, cutters etc. tend to look a lot alike and we can not be responsible for lost or misplaced items during class. Please ensure that your machine is in good working order prior to class. We have mentioned a few times that our teachers are awesome, but they do have limits with their knowledge and abilities. It is a good idea to bring your sewing machine manual with you.


    TIP: How to Print the Supplies List from the Website from a computer.

    Navigate to the class's webpage. Right click on the supplies list image - A flyout menu will appear. Select "open image in a new tab". Then go to that tab and print.



    Our classroom will be equipped with a small kitchenette. It is a work in progress at the moment. There is a fridge, microwave, sink, toaster and kettle. We have some mugs, spoons, cream and sugar/sweetener. Our classroom also has some large cutting mats in the classroom to save you from having to bring the big guy with you to class. As well, there are two full sized ironing boards and irons, but you may want to bring a small iron and ironing mat/pad with you. Be sure to bring comfortable footwear to sew in, especially in the winter months.



    While we do have parking at our mini plaza location at 35 King St North, Cookstown, it is still limited. If you find the parking lot is full please look for parking on Garibaldi St, Centre St or E John St. See map below. Be sure to take care crossing and walking along King St N (County Rd 27).