What is Quilt Club?

QUILT CLUB is an exciting monthly program which we have been running (in some form or another) for as long as we've owned the store! We have a large group of enthusiastic quilters who return year after year! And we are pleased to welcome new participants each year. We love our Quilt Clubbers!

Please note, we have changed the name of this program from $10 Quilt to Quilt Club.

Our 12-month club involves TWO fun components the MONTHLY PRODUCT DEMO and the MONTHLY BLOCK!

Each month, we present a short, fun demo of new items in the store, clever tools, or nifty notions that you might not know about, or panels, kits and fabrics that are new on our shelves. We are delighted to offer our Quilt Clubbers 20% off featured products (with occasional exceptions).

Each month we also provide the fabric and instructions to create one block. If you complete your "homework" each month and avoid any fines (described below in the "How It Works" section), you can complete the 12 blocks for this wonderful quilt On the heals of last year's incredibly challenging $10 Quilt Program, we are super excited to announce our new and improved QUILT CLUB that will run from September 2021 - August 2022!!


We are thrilled that we have found a SUPER PATTERN for you to enjoy, and have been able to secure AMPLE FABRIC for up to 300 participants for our next QUILT CLUB. Please read all the details right to the end... (sorry, there are lots of details).


Our pattern is called "Grandmother's Sampler Quilt". This fun pattern features 12 interesting and intricate pieced blocks and an optional finishing kit which will be available later in the program. You'll find the blocks to be challenging and exciting to piece but certainly doable for a confident beginner! (We're always here to assist you if you need a helping hand).


The quilt size is 73 1/4"  square.



We were so excited when the opportunity came up for us to get three great colourways for our new QUILT CLUB program. We actually didn't expect it would be possible to secure enough fabric for QUILT CLUB given the unreliability of supply chains these days. These fabrics are from Emma and Mila by Camelot Fabrics. All three colourways, called Blush, Woodland, and Mint are so lovely that you're going to have a hard time deciding!


We have swatch cards in the store if you would like to see the fabric in person. Sometimes the photos on your screen do not truly represent the depth of colours.







How it works...

This year, our plan is to roll out QUILT CLUB in 3 STAGES -- starting virtually and (hopefully) transitioning to full in-store attendance and participation! When signing up for QUILT CLUB, you should know that all 3 stages require some level of IN-STORE PARTICIPATION. Ultimately, we are aiming to get "back to normal" and live in what we are calling Stage 3! We'll be deciding on when to transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2, and finally to Stage 3 based on the COVID situation and on our store readiness. While our plans may be subject to change, we envision QUILT CLUB rolling out as follows:


STAGE 1: "Virtual Classroom" (September & October 2021) with instore block pickups.
STAGE 2: "Virtual & Partial Classroom" (Hopefully Beginning November 2021) with limited in-person class space (COVID permitting) + in store block pickups.
STAGE 3" "Full Classroom"  (Maybe in the New Year - fingers crossed!)
In-person full class.





As illustrated in the chart above, during STAGE 1 the Product Demo component will be VIRTUAL. That means you will be required to view a product demo video that will be posted to our QUILT CLUB webpage. We hope that you will watch with great interest and enthusiasm!! At any time during the video we will reveal the 'secret' Word- or Action-of-the-Month! That is your KEY to getting your next Block for FREE! We will send an email reminding you to head to our website to view the video and also provide you with the 20% off Coupon Code, so you can enjoy an online discount on the featured items. Or, feel free to shop the products in person when you are in the store to pickup your block! You will have about a month to make your purchase at the discounted price.


For STAGE 2 the Product Demo will transition to in-store, in-person sessions with 16 classroom seats x 10 sessions. Each month during Stage 2, you will have the opportunity to sign up for an in-store session. Unfortunately, because the classroom seating will need to have 6ft spacing, not everyone who has registered for QUILT CLUB will be able to attend the demo session. But don't despair! If you are unable to reserve a seat, you can continue to join us virtually to watch the Demo Video from our website just like in Stage 1. You will also be able to shop the featured products online and enjoy a 20% discount by using the coupon code that you will receive in your email - or shop in store when you are in the store to pick up your block.


For STAGE 3, the Product Demo will be held ENTIRELY IN PERSON for all QUILT CLUB Members! During Stage 3, each month you will be required to attend a Product Demo session. You will have the opportunity to receive 20% off any products that we have presented. We will also feature a fun "Show and Tell Time" where you can showcase your quilting projects! We're sure there will be enough Show and Tells to last many, many sessions - just think of all those UFOs you've completed during those dreaded lockdowns! As always, we will have lots of fun prizes and giveaways during our QUILT CLUB presentation!


NOTE: As we transition to each stage, we will send an email with more details regarding the 10 available sessions, and how to book your seat in the in-store classroom. Please make sure we have your current email address so we can communicate with you!


In all stages you will be required to pick up your block in person by popping in to the store anytime after the 2nd Wednesday of the month. This differs from last year as there will NOT be a mailout option. Each month you can pick up your Block for FREE if you: come in person and show your homework (your completed block from the previous month) -AND- tell us (or show us) the Word- or Action-of-the-Month! If you are unable to come to the store that month -OR- you do not have your homework completed -OR- don't know the Word- or Action-of-the-Month, you will be have to pay a penalty of $10 to get your next block and get back on track. If you need to get any additional fabric or a whole new block package, we can help you with that! It will be $5.00 for a new package or $2 to get some replacement fabric (depending on the amount of fabric you need).
At registration, you must choose from one of three colourways - "Blush", "Woodland" or "Mint". Please note that there is a limit to the number of registrations for each colourway. Be prepared with a second, or even a third choice!


You will have an opportunity to purchase a finishing kit for the Grandmother Sampler Quilt (as show in the quilt photo above). If you would like to finish your quilt in this manner, we will have finishing kits available in your colourway to purchase. There will be a limited number of finishing kits available, first come, first served. Details and pricing to follow.


If the COVID situation is such that we are forced into another lockdown, QUILT CLUB will be suspended for the duration of the lockdown. In other words, there will be a pause in the program, which may push the end of the program past August 2022. The program will resume once the lockdown is over.


If we have bad weather on your $10 Quilt day, we may cancel the meeting. If that is the case, we will convey this information by email, on Facebook and Instagram and leave a message on our answering machine. There is no penalty for missed blocks or attendance in this case. Similarly, if you have bad weather where you are, you may choose to not make the drive to attend. Tell us that you had bad weather on your day and there will be no penalty charged. This in on an honour system. We trust you! This applies to Stage 2 & 3.<






The fastest, most efficient way of registering for QUILT CLUB is to visit our website and "purchase" your colourway registration.

Please do not register for more than one colourway, or register for your friends. We ask that you only register for yourself. Click the button below to go to the QUILT CLUB page.



If you are unable to register online, please CALL the store and have your credit card, colourway choice, and email address ready!


If the phone is busy, please call back. We recommend that you do not leave a message! We don't want you to miss out on your preferred colourway and would prefer to speak with you to get all your registration details!


If you have any questions, please call Country Concessions at 705-458-4546 Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm and Sun 1-4pm.