Sid by Angela Walters - Non-slip Machine Quilting Tool - 1/4" Acrylic

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Sid is a little bit straight, a little curvy, and completely devoted to helping you create some amazing designs. Features: Creative Grids® Grip ensures the tool doesn't slip while quilting. Black and white dashed guide lines are visible on all fabric colors. Shape allows you to keep control, helping prevent broken needles and crooked lines. Use the straight side to quilt straight lines. Not only does he have a nice long straight edge, the needle stops on both sides to ensure perfect spacing between the lines. Use the cut out center to stitch in the ditch. Or rotate the tool to create intricate designs such as a starburst. Sid isn't all straight lines, he's got a curvy side that's just waiting to quilt brackets. The bracket quilting design is a slightly curvy, slightly pointy design that's perfect for skinny borders, repeated as an allover design or for quilting blocks. You can also use Sid to quilt piano key border designs without having to rotate the ruler or 45 degree lines for mitered corners. To learn more, view a video demonstration. Total size: approx. 4-1/2in x 6in

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