Supreme Slider 8" x 11 3/4" Free Motion Slider by Gypsy Quilter TGQ143

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The Supreme Slider from The Gypsy Quilter was developed by award-winning quilter Pat LaPierre to make free-motion quilting a breeze on your domestic sewing machine. The pink sticky back grips the bed of your machine and keeps the slider from shifting while you work. The zero-friction Teflon top allows your project to move freely so you can easily slide your project around as you quilt. Simply place the slider on the bed of your sewing machine, pink sticky side down, by lining up the hole on the slider with the needle hole on your machine. The pink sticky back will hold it in place until you're ready to remove it. Simply lift it off the bed of your machine, and store back in its tube for the next project. Care: Pink sticky Silicone back can be cleaned with warm soapy water and allowed to air dry. White Teflon surface can be wiped with a soft cloth.

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